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About Us

Welcome to Michaels Holistic Healing – Healthier Eating Recipes, Ideas and Holistic Remedies helping you to Heal Your Body

As once stated by Hippocrates,“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

Michaels Holistic Healing is about healing your Mind, Body and Spirit in a holistic, natural way.  Our posts will cover a wide range of topics from healthier eating recipes, to Yoga, Meditation, Spirituality and health improvement alternatives.  We’re going to help you to heal your body.  God/Spirit (what ever your beliefs) has given us so many amazing NATURAL treatments and we are here to help you learn how to use them.  We are not a website about religion, we just have a belief in a higher power that created all that we need to live a healthy life.  No boxed recipes here.  No chemicals to help heal your body, mind or spirit.  We have put together many recipes to help improve your health and eating habits.

Throughout the website you will see many highlighted words.  Clicking on or mousing over one of them will bring you to our knowledge base where you can learn the healing properties of the highlighted word.  We have organized the website in this fashion for a few reasons.  One of which this sets us apart from other recipe type websites.  We will show you the healing properties of the food that you eat.  You can also search for treatments for what illness you have.

Between the knowledge base and the healthier eating recipes you can heal your body.

You will also see some words that are highlighted and will bring you to our Amazon affiliate area.  This is for products that we recommend and use ourselves.  Purchasing through our link helps us keep the website up and running.

On our site you will see some DIY home remedies for pest control, cleaning ideas and products as well as home remedies to improve your health. Using less chemicals around your home, will in turn help you to heal your body.

Do you know that plants were the first medicine? How about cleaning around the house? All from Nature!
Plants are an amazing gift that have been given to us. So many people have allergies now because of GMO products and the use of chemicals. When you stop buying pre-packaged foods in the store and cooking from organic produce, you will start to see a big improvement in your health. Add even a small bit of exercise and the health benefits improve tremendously.  If you are wanting some one on one with us to help change your life, consider participating in one of our retreats in Costa Rica.

Michaels Story

Michael has always been interested in healthier eating recipes since he was a child.  He’d buy carob bars instead of chocolate and he would eat yogurt when others thought it was just a fad.  But like you he took the “easy” way out and ate all that prepackaged, fast food.  On March 3, 2015 he was diagnosed with stage 2 rectal cancer.  He had already started eating a healthier diet and started to do yoga every day.  He was even preparing to become a yoga instructor.  Talk about turning your life around.  The cancer was totally removed during the biopsy and of course the doctors suggested chemo and radiation right away.  No time to wait.  It was suggested that he put off Yoga teacher training until after treatment and after he was totally healed.  It was also suggested to forget about visiting Costa Rica and to delay moving.

What Michael Did

NO WAY!!!  Michael had asked if they could “monitor” him instead of doing the treatment.  The doctors said “NO, we can monitor you AFTER treatment, but not in place of.”  He even told them about eating healthier and doing yoga.  The doctors all agreed that doing both these things will help keep the cancer away.  BUT treatment first.  Michael asked tons of questions.  Yes there was a HIGH probability of developing bladder cancer, which “could” be worse than the rectal cancer.  Since they all agree that the cancer was taken out during the biopsy and there was a nice margin of healthy cells, Michael decided to go a different route, Holistic Healing.

He’s not a total vegan and does enjoy going out to eat.  What has changed is that he now incorporates the use of essential oils, plus healthier alternatives when cooking.  Less processed flour and sugars in his diet.  Michael still has that sweet tooth but with healthier versions.  But he is finding easier ways to do and make meals, snacks, condiments and so much more.  He put together this website to help you on your journey and to share what he is learning along the way.  He’s going to help you to “Heal Your Body”.  Holistic Healing starts with the foods you eat.  Check out his “Healthier Eating Recipes“.

How is Michael doing?

Michael is doing amazingly well.  The doctors here say that he is actually healthier here than he was in the USA.  Of course Michael had doubts and played the “WHAT IF” game that so many do when diagnosed with cancer or any type of illness.  Always wondering if not doing treatment was the right thing to do.  Wondering if going natural was right.  Then while researching about the many plants we have on our properties, Michael would read that there are healing properties for just about every plant we have.  The leaves from Guava make a wonderful tea to help fight cancer.  They actually have 2 huge guava trees on the property.  The list goes on and on about the natural medicine cabinet that is on the property.

What Now!

So stop using chemicals to clean your house, try our easy DIY recipes at home now. Many of our recipes for cleaning actually clean as good or better than store brought products.
There are many Essential Oil companies out there, but we personally prefer DoTerra to buy our oils from. So please consider clicking on the link to the right and buy your essential oils from our DoTerra Store. The funds from there help us to keep the website operational.

As always, please consult a doctor when using home remedies as some herbs and essential oils MAY interfere with some medications that you may be on.

We do not diagnose any illness OR prescribe any treatments, all information is to give you a more natural alternative for holistic healing.

If you have tried one of our recipes or ideas, please leave us a comment and by all means SHARE with your friends.