How Complicated Is Eating Healthier For A Better Body?

eating healthier for a better body

How complicated is eating healthier for a better body?

It’s not complicated or bland tasting at all.  Not if you do it correctly.  That’s why we are here to help you.

When I started this website it was to help give you some healthier alternatives that you can make yourself at home.  I was able to start eating healthier for a better body and what a difference.  I have taken recipes that I have tried and changed ingredients to make healthier alternatives, they taste just as good and are a lot better for you.  So many people use boxed mixes for everything.  I use to be just as bad, it’s quicker to just open up a box, throw in an egg and some water and oil and your ready to get baking.  The time it took you to open up the package and empty it, you could have very easily put in your flour, backing powder and maybe some spices.

How many of you actually read the ingredients in a box mix?  Have you read those hard to read ingredients?  Did you ever wonder exactly what they are and if they are harmful or not?  All those preservatives and artificial flavoring and colors.  Those artificial ingredients are chemicals. Many of which, in large quantities can cause cancer or even kill you.  How easily are they absorbed into your body?  What are the long term effects of even just a small amount?

My History

Why wonder about all that. Most of our recipes are VERY easy to make.  I’m still not use to cooking in the kitchen so I still need easy recipes.  Though I’m learning more on my own to be a bit challenging.  For the most part, there is no need to have difficulty recipes.  Throughout the website you will see lots of links.  It is OK to click on them, most will lead you to our “knowledge base” where you can find out exactly what the benefits are of consuming that item.  It’s all part of healing your mind, body and spirit.  With a healthier body, your mind becomes healthier and so will your spirit.

Many of you who have followed my online radio show, know that over the years my life is an open book.  Nothing is too personal to share.  I figured if I’m going through it, someone else is too.  This is no different.  Four (4) years ago in 2014 my life changed for the better.  I lost my partner of 18 years only to shortly find someone who helped change my life.  I was at 180 pounds which is not too bad for being 5′ 11″.  The problem was I was not eating healthier at all.  I had the “middle age” spread going on and I felt terrible.  Though I “tried” over the years to eat healthier, I still turned to comfort foods.

What I Did

Some stressful days I’d eat a whole package of chocolate chip cookies or Oreo’s if they were on sale.  Wash that all down with a tall glass of cold milk.  Not the best thing to do before going to bed.  No wonder I had the middle age spread going on. Then my life changed.  I started to practice yoga every day and eating healthier.  No more boxed items.  Ed helped me understand more about eating healthier, more fruits and veggies.  In a few months time I lost 30 pounds and my body was looking better and I had more energy.  What a transformation.  It’s not easy at times, I still want my “comfort foods” but for the most part I’m not doing all this pre-packaged products.

If you try this delicious recipe, please review it up above and leave your comments below. Share us on social media. Be sure to tag @michaels_holistic_healing and #michaelsholistichealing so I’m sure to see it. Enjoy!

I’ve discovered the local bakery for when I’m not in the mood to bake.  But slowly I’m venturing into baking my own comfort foods.  Then I know exactly what is in them.  Homemade candy bars, brownies, cookies, cupcakes and so much more.  All healthier, nutritious and oh so good for when you have that “craving”.  I have always wanted a better body and now I am getting what I always desired.

Sugar Is bad

So many prepackaged foods contain so much sugar.  Even some recipes that I have seen online are so loaded with sugar, how can one say they are healthier.  Ever notice those recipes where they take a bag of cookies to crush to make the crust?  OMG how is that even healthy with all that sugar, then the sugar that goes into the pie itself.  I have learned about healthier alternatives that still turn out amazingly well.

All that sugar is not good for a better body and especially your teeth.  In my next post I will take you through my personal experience of dental problems and how it has lead me to now want to smile.  I’m always thinking a split second before I laugh or smile to quickly cover my mouth or not do a big smile.  So many people say “come on smile big for me”.  Not with what I had going on.  No health insurance, eating all those sugar filled pre-packaged foods and bad dental hygiene lead to major tooth issues over the years.  When your teeth hurt you resort to not wanting to eat much other than soft items.  And with no health insurance you take the cheaper way out, pulling your teeth instead of filling them.

Lets Get Started

So your here to heal your mind, body and spirit and eat a healthier life.  We are here to help you with that.  Look at the different recipes that we have on the site for you, and check out the knowledge base.  We do not diagnose or prescribe treatments but we give you healthier alternatives to heal your body.  Nature is filled with many “old fashioned” remedies that actually worked.  One reason the USA FDS says no to them is because big pharmaceutical can not patent them and make a lot of money.  Money is the root of all evil as they say.  It’s time to take your health back and live a healthier life.  Read my other post, Healthier Eating And The Choices We Make.

Our website is hosted in Amsterdam and with us living in Costa Rica now, the FDS has no authority into what we post on here.  One reason we are combining recipes with holistic healing knowledge.  Let the food you eat heal your body.  The healthier and better body that you desire is just a click away.

Do you need help in eating healthier?  Adding in some form of exercise?  Then visit our Costa Rica Retreat Center and we’ll help you not only to eat better but to add some exercise that will be so easy to transform your body.

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