Are You Making These Mistakes When Trying To Eat Healthier?

Healthier Eating Choices Non GMO Soy

Are you making these mistakes when trying to eat healthier?

We all see and read about healthier eating.  But there is so much more to it than what we all read.  Until I did research on healthier eating to help me fight the stage 2 cancer I was diagnosed with 3 years ago, I thought I was doing the right thing.  So many think that GMO products are totally safe.  NO WAY!!!  Some may be to help plants fight off diseases but for the most part GMO’s are not that great for our bodies.  There are many alternatives.

Healthier Eating Choices

Healthier eating choices are what we all have to do in order to heal our minds, body and spirit.  While I research healthier recipes to help heal our minds, bodies and spirits, I’m noticing a trend.  So many of these “vegan” recipes call for SOY MILK!  You call that “healthier”?  There are so many alternatives to soy milk and I wonder why do they insist on using soy.  I have done my own personal research on soy and many GMO products out on the market.

Soy is the #2 most grown GMO product.  In the USA 93% of the soy grown is genetically modified.  It is used as a staple in so many foods under many different names.  If it’s not bad for us, why the many different names?  It’s all to mislead you into thinking a product doesn’t contain soy.  Soy is also known as hydrogenated oils, lecithin, emulsifiers, tocopherol (vitamin E supplement) and listed as proteins. READ LABELS …  the scary part is that the USA congress is under pressure from Monsanto to relax labeling rules and regulations.  WHY?  Because they can put GMO foods inside the foods you consume and not have to worry about putting it on the label.  So many think that if it’s not on the label then it doesn’t contain it.

Labeling GMO’s

WRONG!!!  Did you know that GMO’s are being put in just about any prepackaged product out there.  Even your baking powder, soda and CORN starch may be GMO.  Corn starch?  YES … Corn is the #1 GMO crop in the USA.  So there is a good chance that your corn starch is modified without even realizing it.  The beef you eat could contain GMO if the cows were fed GMO corn.  Same for your eggs and chicken.  If they were fed GMO corn, they now contain GMO.

Sooner or later it will be harder to distinguish between what has GMO in it and what does not.  It is well known that these crops are cross pollinating with non-GMO crops.  So the result is that the organic is now contaminated.  Guess what?  At that point the producer of the GMO crop now owns that cross pollinated crop because they own a patent.  It is a mad world out there and they can not contain the pollen no matter how much they say they have it under control

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Since I am going to the gym 4-5 times a week I have looked into protein supplements and noticed so many of them have soy.  I’m sorry but I go to the gym so that I can improve my health, why would I want to put GMO soy into my body?  It’s all about healthier eating choices.

Have you ever researched for yourself exactly why GMO Soy is bad for you?  I’m sure many of you have not.  I didn’t until I started seeing it in all these recipes and supplements.

GMO Soy?

So what exactly is GMO soy.  It is soy that has been altered to include a gene that combats herbicides.  GMO soy is also found in about 70 percent of food products in the USA.  Cereals, breads, SOY MILK, pasta and meat.  It is believed that GMO soybeans can be potentially dangerous to the environment and on human health.  According to researchers at the Natural News website, it has been found to alter the activity of the liver in mice and rabbits.  These same findings suggest possible liver damage and toxemia related to GMO soy consumption.

Also according to a study at the Russian Academy of Sciences and that National Association for Gene Security and cited in the Huffington Post, it has been linked to infant mortality and linked to adults being unable to conceive.  In a 2 year study of hamsters, biologist Alexey Surov and colleagues found that after three generations, most of the GMO-soy fed hamsters lost the ability to reproduce.  There is also a higher infant mortality rate in the same groups.

Because soy has been engineered to resist the herbicide glyphosate, it is being sprayed on these crops and in turn is now showing up in the food supply.

Non-GMO alternatives

So if you want to live a non-GMO lifestyle and want to eat healthier, change things around and make your own alternative milks at home.  I make my own rice milk and substitute soy milk in recipes.  I even make cashew milk and other nut milks as needed.  Making these at home are part of healthier eating choices.  Quality control!

So do yourself a favor and READ LABELS.  If you are looking at using a supplement to help with your fitness training, look for 100% VEGAN supplements. They are out there and believe it or not they are not priced higher than the soy products.  Living here in Costa Rica many of these items are imported and imported items are expensive.  I see no difference in the price.

What is noticeable is that so many of the supplements here in Costa Rica at supposedly “health food” type stores (Natural Botanicas) are all soy.  I hope I was able to help you to realize that if you want to eat healthier to read the labels and stay away from soy based products.  YES you can find “organic” soy out there but can we truly trust the labels any longer.  The manufacturers just get approval to re-name the product to something else and it skirts the labeling rules FOR NOW!

So if you want to heal your mind, body or spirit, it’s time for you to make some healthier eating choices.  Our website is designed to help you do just that.  You will see ingredients in our recipes that have a link to our knowledge base.  Inside the knowledge base you will learn about the healing qualities of the food that you eat.

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