When One Door Closes Another Door Opens

Hello everyone,

I’m Michael Carbone. Michaels Holistic Healing I’m a psychic, medium, reiki master/teacher, metaphysical minister, organic gardener, yoga instructor, husband, friend and co-founder of Costa Rica Retreat @ Ser La Luz.

I’m also a full time blogger, online radio host, published author, web designer, have my own website hosting company and tired of big pharmaceutical to try to heal what’s wrong with you.  Disease affects your mind, body and spirit in so many ways and a lot of what ails us is because of all the chemicals we are exposed to.  I use to suffer from extreme heart burn, so much so that it would wake me up in the middle of the night.  I was on Nexium for a long time and got tired of popping pills.  I knew there had to be a more natural way to deal with it.  I was right, it’s all in what I was eating.  Processed, sugar filled foods.  Once I looked at the ingredients of what I was eating, I realized that’s not food, it’s chemicals combined together to resemble food.  So I did away with the sugar, pre-packaged foods and started to eat a healthier lifestyle.  I had always been into growing my own vegetables and doing so organically.  Ever since I was a kid I believed in organic gardening.  Growing up we lived in a duplex and our neighbor had a garden too.   He used all these chemical fertilizers, weed control and but controlling products.  I did organic compost, companion planting and crop rotation.  My garden looked AMAZING, his looked scrawny and sick.

Granted it’s not easy.  All the advertisements on T.V., online, magazines, everywhere you look, advertisements for pre-packaged, sugar filled foods.  I was 30 pounds heavier than I ever was in my life and did not like who I was in the mirror.  Everyone’s like “Oh your over 50, everyone has the middle age spread”.  Well I wasn’t going to just settle for that.  Shortly after that my life changed.  My partner of almost 18 years passed away and I was scared.  Who is gong to love me, who will want me, I’m over 50 with a gut.

Well I did meet someone and they helped to change my life even more than before.  I started eating more fruits and veggies and donated ALL the pre-packaged foods that filled my pantry.  Gone was the box mixes of the “easy” foods.  In came the eggplant pizzas, green blender drinks and YOGA!  In a matter of a few months, I dropped those 30 pounds, slimed down and started to look GREAT!  I felt great too.  So much so that I decided to become a Yoga instructor.  I was also diagnosed with stage 2 rectal cancer.  It was taken out with a biopsy but right away they wanted chemo and radiation.  I asked if it was all removed with surgery and they said YES, we got it all out BUT you still need to do this treatment.  I wasn’t happy with that.  The treatment “could” cause secondary cancers that are worse than the primary.  I said well I’m eating healthier, using essential oils and doing Yoga, can’t you just monitor me to see how things go?  The answer:  NO … we can not monitor you instead of doing the chemo and radiation, we can monitor you AFTER.  That didn’t sit well with me.  So after many questions I discovered that it was 1 (one) small cell that BARELY started to go into the layer of skin below and that caused the stage 2 diagnosis.

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The doctors all agreed, that what I was doing as far as eating a healthier, plant based diet, using essential oils and practicing Yoga were great ways to stay cancer free.  BUT they still said I needed to do their treatment.  I informed them that I was going to teacher training and planning to move to Costa Rica.  I was told I’d be in a lot of pain with teacher training because the radiation would cause burns to my groin area and the chemo “could” make me sick.  They also said there was no way I’d be going to Costa Rica to live.  HA!! My gut feeling said NO WAY!  NO to chemo and NO to radiation.  Why can they monitor me after treatment but they can’t monitor me in place of?  MONEY!

We also sold both our homes, packed up a 40 ft shipping container and moved to Costa Rica to open up a retreat center.  It has been 18 months now and WOW.  I feel great.  My weight is stable, I’m not showing any symptoms of the issues that brought on the cancer.  God brought us to an amazing property.  We already have fully grown fruit trees on the property.  And guess what?  Many of them are excellent “natural” treatments to fight and to prevent cancer!  Spirit/God always leads the way.  I have a spiritual mission to do like I have my whole life.  They aren’t ready for me on the other side yet.  I still have a lot of work to do here.

This website is part of that mission.  God created EVERYTHING we would ever need to keep our bodies healthy and strong.  It’s only big pharmaceuticals that want to keep us sick.  They pay off the USA FDA to say that their products are “healthy” for us and won’t do us harm.  Why in the world would they want to put the DNA of a poison into the food we eat?  To keep us sick.  Why would they do that?  MONEY!  So here we are in Costa Rica, away from the rules and regulations of the USA.  Costa Rica does not threaten you if you say that a plant has medicinal properties.  They even practice holistic medicine here as well.  You go to the Natural Botanicals and you can find a holistic naturopathic doctor there who will prescribe for you herbs and oils to take.  We are in the medical system here and my blood work is actually better here than it was in the USA.  This website, as well as all our other websites is hosted on our servers in Amsterdam.  They are all about internet privacy there.  And like most of Europe, they are very much into “alternative” natural treatments.

We are at an elevation of 4,780 ft half way up the Poas Volcano, which is the 2nd largest active crater in the world.  Yes it is “active”.  Lately though it has actually erupted with ash and debris reaching the surface.  There is even molten rocks and some lava coming out.  We’re safe at our distance of about 7 km from the actual crater itself.  The worse is a small amount of ash covering everything and the 1 3.2 earthquake a few days ago late at night.

I have over 20 websites and decided it was easier to combine things into just 1.  This one website will combine everything from the other sites that are still operational.  They all have their own followers and information.  It’s easier for the retreat center to maintain it’s own retreat profile, the same goes for the church that I founded.  This will become the central hub for those sites where some posts will be shared on their blogs.  Here you will find nutritional recipes, alternative health treatments (we do not diagnose illness, just give you natural remedies), spiritual posts, psychic readings, reiki healing and so much more.  I’m here to help your mind, body and spirit to heal in a natural way.

So sign up now to stay updated.  Join our amazing adventure, learn more about Costa Rica and how to live your dream in a loving and healthy environment.  Stress is also another factor that can cause disease.  I’ll help teach you how to lead a less stressful life.

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